Riverford Organic Farmers is the winner of the UK EO Awards Employee Owned Rising Star of the Year 2019. The award celebrates a business that already, in its early life, has an effective employee ownership culture where its commitment to engaging its workforce is driving a strong financial performance.

Riverford Organic Farmers' reaction:

Charlotte Tickle, People and Culture Director, said: “Super excited and we will continue the celebrations back at the farm! We want to be an inspiration, in our first year of employee ownership we have had an amazing year culturally and financially. We’re going to go for the culture award next year and believe we can achieve it!”

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A business that has grown from one man and his wheelbarrow to a 50,000 box a week organic veg delivery business has won the Employee Owned Rising Star Award, just one year after its ownership transition Judges noted that that having employees engaged ahead of and involved in the transition has helped Riverford to benefit from the “whoosh effect” very early in its EO journey. Read more about their win here