The employee ownership (EO) sector has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, and the Employee Ownership Association’s (EOA) podcast aims to further raise awareness while highlighting EO best practice and insights.

The EOA Podcast brings you interviews from a range of guests across the employee ownership sector – including founders, employee owners, specialist advisers and esteemed stakeholder partners – as well as learning insights and news on the EOA’s latest events and courses.

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Latest Episode

Episode 19: ‘EO can be transformational for workers in low-paid sectors’

01/08/2023: Episode 19 of the EOA Podcast is about how being employee owned can be transformational for workers at all levels of an EO business, especially those in traditionally low-paid sectors. Inspired by a chat with Russell Brown, Chief Executive at Shaw Healthcare, the podcast paid a visit to the Watford HQ of commercial cleaning specialist CleanTEC, the UK’s largest employee owned cleaning company. more

Previous Episodes

Episode 18: #TheEOeffect

16/06/2023: Episode 18 of the EOA Podcast is all about #TheEOeffect – the theme of EO Day 2023 – and showcasing the impact employee ownership has on employees, businesses, the wider economy and communities. Hear from an employee owned business headquartered in Bolton, an employee from a Scottish EO business, an EO adviser, and a consultancy helping communities thrive. more

Episode 17: Communicating EO transition news to employees

22/05/2023: Episode 17 of the EOA Podcast focuses on how to communicate an EO transition to employees and why it’s important to factor internal comms into planning when becoming employee owned. We showcase three EOA member businesses that made the move to employee ownership to find out how they communicated the news. Hear from Target Components, Celvac and Galaxy Insulation. more

Episode 16: Embedding an EO culture globally

24/04/2023: Episode 16 of the EOA Podcast focuses on how to embed an employee ownership culture globally when a UK business has international operations. This episode showcases how businesses of different sizes, and with different employee ownership models, go about doing this in a practical and operational context. Hear from Glide and partner company Gripple, Aber Instruments, and Scott Bader. more

Episode 15: Putting your people first in an EO business

27/03/2023: Episode 15 of the EOA Podcast explores the link between putting your people first and employee ownership. Hear three case studies from businesses in the EOA membership, namely Pennine Healthcare, Richmond & Towers, and White Ink Architects, on how they put their people first and why it’s so important for an EO business to do so. more

Episode 14: Two years EO – What it means to be an employee owner | Behind the scenes special

27/02/2023: Episode 14 of the EOA Podcast goes behind the scenes at one of our EOA members to hear first hand from its employees about what it feels like to own a company and to share some of the lessons learned in its first two years as an employee-owned business. Listen now to hear from people at all levels at global learning company Haremi. more

Episode 13: Bringing ‘Good EO’ to life

23/01/2023: Episode 13 of the EOA Podcast showcases how some of our members are bringing ‘Good EO’ to life. Hear from people at four employee-owned businesses who were recognised during our 2022 EO Stories competition for delivering good employee ownership, or ‘Good EO’, through either good leadership, engagement, governance, or an outstanding EO culture. more

Episode 12: Empowering employees to act like owners

12/12/2022: Episode 12 of the EOA Podcast explores the theme of empowering employees to act like owners and hears tips from one of our course co-directors on how to empower employees; how one of our members has gone about empowering its employees in its first two years EO; and also from the chair of an employee voice group on how she and her colleagues have become empowered. more

Episode 11: The synergy between B Corps and employee ownership

14/11/2022: Episode 11 of the EOA Podcast explores the growing trend of employee-owned businesses gaining or applying for B Corp certification. Hear all about the B Corp movement from the non-profit network that started the accreditation scheme, alongside three employee-owned businesses at different stages of their B Corp journey on why becoming certified was important to them. more

Episode 10: Bringing the EO sector together

17/10/2022: Episode 10 of the EOA Podcast focuses on the value of bringing the EO sector together. Hear from a specialist advisor in the sector who has attended every EOA Conference; from the Chair of a Trust Board who has been a speaker at two conferences; and to the Operations Director of a newly transitioned employee-owned business. more

Episode 9: The importance of succession planning

26/09/2022: Episode 9 of the EOA Podcast seeks to raise awareness of the importance of succession planning and how employee ownership fits into the mix of different solutions. The episode hears from the MD of an employee-owned business who advises the FSB, and from an EO consultant on this succession theme, before exploring the benefits of rooting businesses in communities with a charitable trust. more

Episode 8: Reaping the benefits of the decision to become EO – member case studies

22/08/2022: Episode 8 of the EOA Podcast showcases why some of our members transitioned to employee ownership in the last few years – and how they are reaping the benefits of this move. This episode provides case study examples from businesses in a variety of sectors – namely Creative Space Management, The Folio Society, Lush, and Salad Creative. more

Episode 7: Onboarding and inducting employee owners

25/07/2022: Episode 7 of the EOA Podcast is on the theme of onboarding new recruits into a business’s employee ownership culture or integrating EO into a newly transitioned company…. and around the role of inductions. The episode shares insights from three EOA trustee members that feature in the Top 50 list of employee-owned companies by size – namely Mott MacDonald, Howden Group and Go Ape. more

Episode 6: How and why we celebrate EO

24/06/2022: Episode 6 of the EOA Podcast is on the theme of how we celebrate employee ownership and why it’s important to do this – and we ask four of our member firms just this. As the go-to place for employee ownership, the EOA is all about championing the sector, sharing insight and spreading our passion for all things EO – and one way we do this is on our national celebration day called EO Day. more

Episode 5: Considerations before, during and after transitioning

23/05/2022: Episode 5 of the EOA Podcast is around the considerations for owners or founders before, during and after transitioning their business to employee ownership. The episode will hear from three supporter members of the EOA, who each bring different advice as we look to help those exploring employee ownership as a possible succession option for their business. more

Episode 4: Impact & Influence

25/04/2022: Episode 4 of the EOA Podcast focuses on the themes of impact and influence. The episode will touch on a number of different areas, from the growing impact of the EO sector to the influence employee owners can have in their businesses. It hears from EOA Chief Executive James de le Vingne, from the employee ownership team at Social Business Wales, and from trustee member firm LUC. more

Episode 3: The three pillars of ‘Good EO’

28/03/2022: Episode 3 of the EOA Podcast focuses on the three pillars of good employee ownership, or ‘Good EO’, that help a business build an excellent employee ownership culture – defined as communications and engagement, leadership, and governance, and explores these using case study examples from our member firms, plus insights from the latest research paper. more

Episode 2: Growth ambitions

28/02/2022: Episode 2 is about the growth of the employee ownership sector and how being employee-owned has helped our member businesses to grow. Offering their insights are a firm of architects, a financial planner and a campervan conversion company. more

Episode 1: An introduction to the EOA

24/01/2022: The episode hears from Chief Executive Deb Oxley OBE – who provides an insight into the EOA before reflecting on some of her highlights in nine years with the organisation before she leaves us in March 2022. more