Sam Moles wins Employee Owner of the Year 2023 Award


Sam Moles Employee Owner of the Year









Sam Moles of Stephens Scown is delighted to be announced winner in the Employee Owned Rising Star of the Year Award category of the UK Employee Ownership Awards.

The awards celebrate the impacts of giving employees a significant stake and a meaningful say to employees who in turn power exceptional businesses. Award winners are part of the storytelling that bring to life the evidence that collectively employee owned businesses punch well above their weight offering multiple impacts for society and the economy, including 8-12% increased productivity.

The Employee Owner of the Year award recognises an individual at any level within the business who have contributed outstanding impact to their business’s overall success through embodying good EO culture.

Judges noted that these nominations come from their colleagues who describe their passion and commitment of the nominated person, all of which were exceptional stories. About Sam they noted that his entry stood out with multiple examples of him stepping up to join the dots, drive processes, bringing people together to help build and drive a great EO culture.Additionally, they commended the work Sam has taken on externally being a visible presence at events and on social media as an EO Champion.

Sam Moles, Employee Trustee and Digital Marketing Manager at Stephens Scown, said:

“We have learned that after 7 years of Stephen Scown being an employee owned business,
being EO is never finished. As an employee trustee you need to always step outside of what
you know. The EO journey continues, and innovation is achieved by being confident enough
to try new things and work out what works for us."