EO Stories 2022

EO Stories celebrates the stories of employee-owned businesses and the impacts they are having on employees, the performance of the business, and on the economy and society.

This year story submissions are focussed on the three pillars of developing an impactful employee ownership culture.

We have been hearing from employee-owned businesses of all sizes about how their focus on these aspects of employee ownership have helped employees feel like owners and delivered benefits from better engaged employees, increased performance, better wellbeing, better recruitment and retention or better employee and customer satisfaction.

A celebration of EO

The stories submitted by EO businesses will be published on this page on the 24th of June as part of EO Day 2022, where they can be voted on by supporters and peers.

When the stories go live on EO Day, our website visitors will have the chance to vote for their favourite story in each category, which will help with the selection of stories to be used as part of a celebratory video and/or case study. Two others will be chosen by a panel made up of EOA members.

The winning stories will feature at this year’s EOA Annual Conference and Gala Dinner (at Liverpool ACC on 3 & 4 of October) and will be celebrated throughout our communications channels and events for the rest of the year and beyond.

Why enter?

By sharing your EO story you help people access insight, share good practice as well as highlighting your business to a wider audience.

In 2021, there were more than 2,500 votes, all 35 stories featured across our social media throughout July and August, 13 stories featured in conference learning sessions attended/viewed by hundreds of people, all others were also part of top tips guides, articles and case studies. The six winners each had a video and case study created.  Visit our EO Stories 2021 page for inspiration.

Do you have an EO Story to tell? Choose a category:

Delivering Good Governance – how your structures bring employee ownership to life

How have you developed your governance in a way that best fits your business while ensuring that the interests of employee owners are well supported? This might include the relationships between your board, trust board, council, voice groups (or however your employee-owned business is governed) and how this supports decision making and how this has impacted the business.


Delivering Good Leadership – how leaders are supporting employees to feel like owners

How has leadership developed in your employee-owned business and what are the impacts on how empowered employees feel to act in the best interests of the business? This might include how leaders communicate, listen and involve, build trust and unite employees behind a common purpose.


Delivering Good Communications & Engagement – how your engagement activity is delivering opportunities

How engaged are your employee owners and do they know how they can contribute? This may include how your engagement and communications have kept employee owners informed of how their voice and actions have had an impact on the direction and performance of the business.


Outstanding EO Culture – how the culture built up in your business is empowering employees and benefitting the business

How have you developed your employee ownership culture and what key benefits is it delivering for employee owners, the business and beyond? This may include how employee voice and actions have delivered something important in the business such as increased performance, a greater and measured impact on the business’s environmental goals or in the community in which the business is based.

How can we submit our story?

As a guide to telling your story we suggest your submission should be between 800-1,200 words and fit under one of the four categories above.

When you’ve finished writing your story, send the completed article to jon.mattos@employeeownership.co.uk and:

  • Make it clear in your email submission which category it is in the subject field of the email
  • Please also include: name of your business, what it does, where it is and how many employee owners, plus a logo and a picture
  • We suggest that, where you can, you use your story to provide measures of success such as employee satisfaction, attendance/engagement in activity, performance of the business, recruitment, and retention figures etc.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Good luck!

Submit Your Story!