EO Stories 2021

EO Stories celebrates how being employee owned has supported your business during challenging times.

We have been hearing from employee-owned businesses of all sizes about how their focus on their people has supported employee health and wellbeing, helped the business adapt and delivered benefit for multiple stakeholders.

The EOA, in partnership with Baxendale, is calling for you to tell your stories of how being better together in business has helped during a time of great change.

A celebration of EO

The stories submitted by EO Businesses will be published on this page on the 25th June as part of EO Day 2021 and will be celebrated throughout our communications channels for the rest of the year. So, some of the stories will also be selected to be represented at either a digital or face to face celebration event later in the year.

When the stories go live on EO Day, you’ll have the chance to vote for your favourite story in each category, which will help with the selection of stories to be used as part of a celebratory video and/or case study as part of the celebration event later in the year.

Story categories – a guide

As a guide to telling your story we suggest your submission should be between 800-1200 words and fit under one of categories 1-3 and/or category 4. It should also include most or all the 5 points below:

  1. Your business, what it does, where it is and how many employee owners
  2. The issues or opportunities your business has experienced in the past year
  3. How your business has responded
  4. How your EO values or culture helped to support your response
  5. The impact on either the employee owners, the business, your business’ stakeholders /community in which your business is based, or even better all three.

Choose a category







We have been inspired by hearing how businesses have leveraged the trust built up in their organisation through good employee ownership – governance, communications, and leadership – to plan their business response to the pandemic. Have you adapted and developed in a way that will help you in the future? Let us hear your story!







We have loved hearing about how your focus on people, whether they are working from home, furloughed, or socially distanced at work, has been successful because of the effort that has gone into keeping people feeling involved and supported. Have you had great feedback from your employee owners? Tell us about it!







As two of the three building blocks of good employee ownership, good governance and engagement are key. The sector has benefited from your stories of how you have developed your governance and culture in a way that best fits your business and the benefits that delivers for your leaders and employee owners through good times and bad. Share your experience!







While we are all in it together, there are some individuals who go above and beyond to make sure that the values and culture of EO is kept alive and delivering great impacts for their fellow employee owners and the business. Is there an individual in your organisation who has inspired you and others through championing EO values and culture? Let us know all about them!

How can we submit our story?

When you’ve finished writing your story, send the completed article to keely.lead@employeeownership.co.uk or ross.herring@employeeownership.co.uk and tell us:

  • Which category you’d like to be considered for
  • A short, 1-2 sentence summary of your story
  • Any accompanying hi-res images for your story.

We’ll then add your story to one of our categories and you’ll see it go live on this page on the 25th June 2021 where you and the rest of the EO Community will have the chance to vote for your favourites to be considered as part of the celebration of EO.

The deadline for story submissions is June 18th 2021.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Submit Your Story  

About our EO Stories Partner: Baxendale

Baxendale are specialist advisers on employee ownership.  They have been advising businesses for twenty years and have been employee owned themselves for thirty years.  They have helped over 100 businesses become employee owned and also provide support to employee owned businesses post transition.

Baxendale logo

Baxendale are proud partners of EO Stories, as their own remarkable EO story is not only the reason that they do the work they do; but is also central to their passion for and belief in employee ownership.

Find some inspiration for your own submission by reading their transformational EO Story here.