EO Boost, a virtual event delivered by the Employee Ownership Association, offers engaging learning and insightful discussions on what good employee ownership (EO) looks like – for individuals, businesses and the UK economy.

In a year where so much has changed because of Covid-19, the EOA has curated EO Boost to offer EOA members, other EO businesses, those exploring employee ownership and other interested stakeholders, the opportunity to top up or gain more current knowledge and insight about employee ownership in the UK in 2020.

The EOA would like to thank employee ownership experts and advocates J Gadd Associates and Postlethwaite for their headline sponsorship, which supports the aim of making EO Boost 2020 accessible to the widest audience possible, free of charge. We also would like to thank supporting sponsor Mott MacDonald.

If you’d like to help us spread the word, you’ll find a selection of social media ready graphics to download here.

Plan your EO Boost

  • 18 Free-To-Attend  Virtual  Sessions on the 24th, 25th and 26th of November 2020

    - Each day will kick off with an insightful keynote 

    - This will be followed by a pick of exemplar case study seminars – with topics such as good governance, good engagement and good performance - and best practice speed seminars that leverage the best results from giving employees a meaningful stake and a say.   

    - Each day will conclude with an engaging panel conversation to consider how good employee ownership boosts individuals, businesses and the economy.  

    - Our EO Expert Advisers will be on hand as part of a virtual showcase for those who need professional advice for their next steps in their employee ownership transition journey.  

  • Your EO Boost - Content tailored for you

    Each day, EO Boost will offer something for everyone, whether you're just taking your first steps into understanding Employee Ownership or you've been EO for decades, there's sessions to meet your needs.

    - Explorers of employee ownership – boost your understanding to help you plan for your employee ownership succession, scale-up or spin-out.

    - EO businesses – boost your expertise of good EO practice so you can leverage the best out of giving employees a stake and a say.

    - Supporters and advocates – boost your knowledge and insight, but don’t keep it to yourself - share it with others to boost employee ownership in the UK!

    - EO Advisers – give a boost to your clients - invite them to EO Boost to complement your expert advice with EO insight and learning. Plus boost your visibility by being part of our EO Adviser virtual showcase, contact oliver.smith@employeeownership.co.uk for more information or view our supporter info pack here.

  • Why EO?

    EO in the UK is evidenced as driving better governance and oversight, increased productivity via engaged employees and rooting jobs in regions for the longer term.  

    Employee ownership in the UK is growing – 50% of the growth has taken place since 2017- and changing shape - with most of the growth being from SMEs and family businesses using employee ownership as a succession plan.  

    Successful employee ownership succession positively impacts regional economic resilience and income equality, both essential for the UK to level up and Build Back Better post Covid-19. 

  • The EO Boost Agenda