Public sector services

Services to public sector bodies considering mutual ownership

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If you are a local government, health service or other public sector employer considering a move towards employee and/or other forms of mutual ownership, we can help.

Drawing on vast experience in the EOA network, and a pool of trusted, expert and validated advisers, we can help you weigh up the options and select a form of mutual ownership that fits your objectives.

For more information on any of these services simply call EOA on 020 7922 7737.

Here are some of the ways we help companies thinking about a move to some form of mutual ownership.


  • Your questions answered – we guarantee you a FREE no-commitment, no-fee initial conversation with an expert adviser who is experienced in handling employee ownership succession


  • See for yourself – we’ll introduce you to companies with experience of introducing employee or other forms of mutual ownership relevant to your plans


  • Funding and finance – we’ll guide you through the options if finance is a critical part of the transition process


  • Re-structuring ownership – expert advice on how to maximize the value of Government approved employee share schemes and tax advantages so you optimize a new ownership structure


  • Governance, culture and communication – the ‘people’ side of a move to employee ownership is as crucial as the financial dimension. Via consultancy, training, leadership development and even recruitment we’ll help you through the preparation, implementation and consolidation stages.


  • Practical guidance resources – download any of these publications about employee and mutual ownership, absolutely free:

New models of public service ownership: a guide to commissioning, policy and practice – published by EOA members OPM, the specialist centre for the development of public services

From Colleagues to Owners - how and why companies make the transition to employee ownership.

Structuring employee ownership – how to optimise a company’s employee ownership structure

Making employee ownership work - a benchmark guide, co-published with employee ownership transition specialists Baxi Partnership