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The Times

"New figures from the Employee Ownership Association show that worker-owned companies are more productive and resilient on just about every measure” Maggie Pagano explores employee ownership, following her interview with EOA Chief Executive, Deb Oxley more

The Times

Employee ownership recognises that that the foundations of success are rooted in people” EOA Chief Executive, Deb Oxley welcome CMC’s move to employee ownership. more


Moving employee ownership into the mainstream; the role and opportunity for UK accountants. At a time of little or low economic growth, the business of employee ownership is thriving. more


EOA Chief Executive on the Unstoppable Rise of Employee Ownership. more

International Business Times

Margareta Pagano: Nick Clegg wants to spread the John Lewis magic of giving power to employees. more

The Manufacturer

Employee ownership: Sharing the action. Employee ownership of UK firms is rising at an average annual rate of 10%. But how popular is it with the manufacturing sector and what is the attraction of increasing the employee shareholder stake? Iain Hasdell chief executive of the Employee Ownership Association shares some observations and evidence. more

Real Business

Why employee ownership is driving growth. Given the green light by the government, employee ownership could become the next driving force for economic growth. more

New Statesman

Employee ownership finally gets the backing of the Government. After the "shares for rights" false start, will the Government get it right this time? more

The Guardian

Why the Mutuals Taskforce is urging the government to do more. Report celebrates pace and scale of spinning out of public services, but calls for further measures more

New Statesman

Mutuals in the public sector: Supporting the Brave. Employee ownership can transform the public sector. more