Save the date: EOA Conference 2017

Tickets for the EOA Conference 2017 can be booked from Monday 26 June.

We are delighted that Capital for Colleagues will be the main conference sponsor for the third consecutive year. The conference, which will be held on the 27 and 28 November at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole, will feature:  
  • A full two day programme
  • Dedicated networking sessions
  • Three engaging key note speakers
  • 27 Breakout sessions to choose from
  • Best in Class presentations from the 2016 UK EO Award winners
  • Gala Dinner and presentation of the UK EO Awards sponsored by Baxendale
You can book an exhibition space for the two-days by contacting Jane Osborne Price There a limited number of sponsorship opportunities relating to the conference. If you are interested in discussing this, please contact Oliver Smith

Highlights of the 2016 conference

The Employee Ownership Association’s 2016 Annual Conference ‘Best in Class’, sponsored by Capital for Colleagues, was a huge success. More than 625 delegates from established and aspiring employee owned organisations gathered at the most important national event for the UK employee ownership sector. Below you can access key note speeches, a picture gallery, presentations from the 33 sessions and the stories of the 2016 UK Employee Ownership award winners.

2016 KEYNOTE SPEAKERS - Click on the speaker's image to view their Address to Conference


Isobel Schofield and Andrew Lane

Founder and Chair of the Company Board of Directors, Union Industries; Managing Director, Union Industries
Established in 1972 as a tarpaulin manufacturing and repair business in Leeds, today Union Industries has become a leader in the manufacture of high speed industrial roller doors for factories, cold stores, warehouses and distribution centres. Former owner, Isobel Schofield and the current Managing Director Andrew Lane tell their inspiring story of Union’s move to employee ownership in November 2014.

Deb Oxley

Chief Executive, Employee Ownership Association
Deb is the Chief Executive of the Employee Ownership Association – the leading body in the UK for businesses, whether of private sector or public service origin, that are owned by their employees. Deb talks about the changes in the political and economic landscapes and how together with members the EOA can make the most of the opportunities to grow the sector.

Jack Stack

Founder, CEO and President of SRC Holdings Corporation
Jack Stack is a pioneer of the business leadership model known as Open Book Management and is the author of two books on the subject, The Great Game of Business and A Stake in the Outcome. Jack talks about how by teaching his staff business literacy, and as a 100% employee owned company, SRC has grown revenues profitably from $16M to $600M in the last 30years, receiving international recognition for its success.

Conference Videos

Highlights of the EOA Conference 2016, the UK's largest gathering of employee owned businesses, including speakers, seminars, workshops, Investment Award and UK Employee Ownership Award winners.
UK Employee Ownership Awards 2016 - Rising Star of the Year: hear the judges comments and hear from the winners Rise Mutual CIC
UK Employee Ownership Awards 2016 - Employee Owner of the Year: hear the judges comments and hear from the winner Lucy Humphrey of Leading Lives
UK Employee Ownership Awards 2016 - Employee Owned Business of the Year: hear the judges comments and hear from the winners Childbase Partnership
Employee Ownership Awards 2016 - Innovation of the Year: hear the judges comments and hear from the winners Union Industries
Employee Ownership Awards 2016 - Philip Baxendale Fellowship Award: hear the judges comments and hear from the winner David Erdal


The presentations from this years conference are available for download below
  • Best in Class - the stories of 2015 UK Employee Ownership Award winners
  • Founders and owners exploring employee ownership or those employees new to employee ownership
    • 1. What is Employee Ownership? How employee ownership is supporting the UK economy, the benefits and the risks, why a business considers EO, at what stage and models of ownership [DOWNLOAD]
    • 2. How to successfully transition to employee ownership? The steps to take and the pitfalls to avoid, how to access finance, the tax considerations and project managing the transition [DOWNLOAD Session 1] [DOWNLOAD Session 2]
    • 3. How to manage employee communications and plan for a culture of engagement? Employee engagement through transition and beyond - involving, communicating and informing the new employee owners of your business [DOWNLOAD]
    • 4. Effective governance in new employee owned businesses How to form and build an effective Trust Board and selecting trustees and employee directors [DOWNLOAD]
  • Employee owners involved in employee owned businesses that have typically existed for less than two years
    • 5. Letting go and enabling effective succession As a founder now departing - how to let go, support the future leaders and succeeding management team and dealing with leadership succession during the transition [DOWNLOAD]
    • 6. The strategic impact and opportunity of employee ownership (NEW) Considering if/how EO can change or reinforce the organisation's core purpose, strategy and objectives and EO's impact on growth strategy and alignment of resources [DOWNLOAD]
    • 7. Managing the 'firsts' of moving to employee ownership (NEW) Including first AGM, dividend payment, trustee election, re-election of employee representatives, business plan, Dealing Day and director retiring by rotation [DOWNLOAD]
    • 8. From employment to ownership - becoming an employee owner (NEW) The obligations, rights and responsibilities of becoming an effective owner as well as an employee [DOWNLOAD Session 1] [DOWNLOAD Session 2]
    • 9. Developing the business literacy of employee ownership (NEW) Using your internal communications more effectively, communicating financial and business information to employees [DOWNLOAD]
    • 10. Employee benefits and sharing reward (NEW) Devising your strategy for delivering and communicating benefits and rewards as an EO business, including practical ideas of relevance to the HR team in 'for profit' and 'not for profit' organisations [DOWNLOAD]
    • 11. Roles and responsibilities of Trustees and elected representatives Corporate and legal responsibilities of trustees, your role in bringing EO to life as an elected representative [DOWNLOAD Session 1] [DOWNLOAD Session 2]
  • Employee owners in established employee owned businesses
    • 12. Dealing with tough times and celebrating your success (NEW) How to manage business challenges such as down sizing, redundancy, reducing sales revenues or increased costs in an EO business [DOWNLOAD]
    • 13. Great Game Workshop (NEW) An interactive workshop to explore the Great Game of Business methodology [DOWNLOAD Session 1] [DOWNLOAD Session 2]
    • 14. Media Communications Masterclass (NEW) How to optimise media communications and celebrate success to achieve a competitive advantage, with Martine Croxall [DOWNLOAD Session 1] [DOWNLOAD Session 2]
    • 15. How to keep the employee ownership spark alive to sustain the EO advantage Effective recruitment, refreshing the energy of employees, encouraging employee owners to continue to take responsibility, managing employee churn/lack of churn [DOWNLOAD Session 1] [DOWNLOAD Session 2]
    • 16. Using your EO brand and purpose as a competitive advantage Maximising the value of employee ownership with customers, for recruitment and with suppliers [DOWNLOAD]
    • 17. Maximising the business value and impact of elected representatives and Trustees (NEW) Developing the skills Supporting and enabling decision making Developing the confidence [DOWNLOAD]
    • 18. Aligning the roles of HR & Communications with EO (NEW) Developing appropriate strategies and approaches to people, engagement and internal communications in order to support employee ownership [DOWNLOAD]
    • 19. Your role as a Leader in an EO business Planning and implementing effective leadership succession Leading and managing in a co-owned environment [DOWNLOAD Session 1] [DOWNLOAD Session 2]
    • 20. Developing and sustaining Public Service based employee owned businesses Planning for growth, diversification and competition, developing resilience and sustainability, the tools, the measures, the process of engagement and developing commercial skills and competencies [DOWNLOAD]
    • 21. Employee engagement Developing a tactical and effective toolkit [DOWNLOAD Session 1] [DOWNLOAD Session 2]
    • 22. Developing the employee ownership model Stop, look and listen – did we get it right? Changing the model of ownership for sustainability [DOWNLOAD]
    • 23. The impact of automation on the world of work (NEW) Thought leadership around the future of work in an EO business, the changing roles of employees, the impact of technology and the effect on offices and workplaces [DOWNLOAD]
    • 24. Growing an employee-owned business Managing and financing expansion, growth, acquisition or joint ventures [DOWNLOAD]
    • 25. Where 'we-centric', as opposed to 'i-centric' behaviours need to be at the heart of organisational interactions Learn how the brain works in our interactions with others and how equality and hierarchy affect the brain. The role of leaders in harnessing the intellectual and creative capacity of co-owners [DOWNLOAD]