EOA Membership Council – Recruitment

The EOA has changed its governance and is now recruiting members to join the EOA Membership Council. The new council will be a key platform to gather member views and support in developing the membership proposition.

The council is being chaired by new EOA Board Director, Alden Whittaker-Brown of Arup.

Purpose of the EOA Membership Council

As the EOA develops its services in line with members’ needs, we are establishing a new diverse Membership Council to make sure we reflect members’ views and wishes in our work.

The council will represent the views of the membership while supporting the delivery of the Membership proposition.

Being an EOA Membership Council representative

EOA Membership Council representatives will be required to attend four meetings a year of the Membership Council, along with occasional additional meetings/conference calls as activity requires.

Each representative will also be required to attend all four of the quarterly EOA Regional Network meetings in their area.

The council will:

  • consider the views of members from across all EOA Regions and provide a consolidated view back to the EOA Membership Council and/or EOA Board as required;
  • consider views with regards to plans and ambitions to develop the membership proposition in line with the approved EOA strategy;
  • support delivery of specific developments of the membership proposition, forming ‘Task and Finish’ groups as required to support the EOA to evaluate, test and implement new services;
  • provide a conduit to feedback to the EOA Board via the EOA Membership Council Chair.

Who can apply

We are seeking nominations from candidates who are employees of current EOA member companies.

For businesses that are already employee owned, we are seeking representatives from any part of your organisation.  However, the role may be well suited to individuals that have representative roles on Trusts/Boards/Councils or those with operational responsibilities in areas with particular involvement in supporting your employee ownership such as communications/marketing/HR/governance.

For those businesses that are not yet employee owned, or are supporters of the sector, we are seeking individuals who have a keen interest in supporting development of the membership proposition of the EOA as part of delivering our purpose to grow the sector.

Deadline for nominations

The deadline is 5pm, 17th March 2017.

How to register your interest

You can register your interest here.  You will then be sent an application pack within 4 working days.

On application, nominees will be required to provide a statement of their interest in taking up a place on the EOA Membership Council, including what they believe they will bring to the role.  A formal CV is not required.  Nominees will need to provide a letter of support from their employer.

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